Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm Your Butt!

I'm sitting on a plane between Chris Walters and a very fat man. Heaven? I think... not... But I'm still thinking. They've reset the tv system at least four times, and now I'm not sure if I'm able to watch a movie, which I'd have to pay for anyway. It's Quarantine, though, so I might splurge... cause frankly, I don't have enough to complain about. A fat man crushing me against Walters WHILE watching a shit in-flight REMAKE might just quench all further need for complaint. But for now I'll just settle for mild irritation while seeing the play by play documentation of where my plane flies over... Nebraska. Huh. How about that.

As I wait, I'm noticing that this flight has the craziest looking, most misshapen, mutant people I've ever seen in my life crammed into one time-share sized box. I saw Igor, the Monster and the Bride in one effortless passing. People also don't give a fuck while sleeping. Faceplants on the tray tables. Sprawlies stretched out over open seats. Additionally, I've never really realized before that you can pee while you're changing your baby's diapers... I mean, you can do that anyway. You can shit while you do it, I don't give a fuck. What I mean is you can drop the changing table AND lift up the toilet seat. I guess if you're the baby's mommy you'd have to work out a more clever setup.

Ok, the movie thing is working... Heeeeere we go!

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